DPV2 - Shay & Evey DP With Leotards & Swimsuits

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We have done away with the three or more videos on a page to buy, as some of you prefer to be more selective. Clips will appear on Clips4sale and manyvids, but at a slightly higher price. Enjoy the lastest reworked batch of Dildopant fun.

In the first scene Shay starts wearing a Black Elle Swimsuit & Evey is in a Wetlook Leotard, Shay had been sent a Interesting package to try out & can't wait to show Evey & get her to try it.... We are talking about some Latex Dildo Pants... An internal dildo which is worn with clothes over the top... Shay get Evey to take off her Leotard &  Put on the Dildo Pants, but Evey isn't sure & puts them on the wrong way round which amuses Shay!  Evey is a bit suprised that the dildo is meant to go in her pussy, but lubes it up & it goes in, filling her tight hole... She enjoys the feel of it inside her & can't wait to put the leotard back on over the pants, covering up all traces of the Dildo... This makes her Feel great, she loves the feel of the Leo & the Dildo forced high inside her!

Shay is getting wet thinking about having the dildo inside her so she gets Evey to strip & she puts on the Dildo Pants, they fill her tight pussy & she puts on a Wetlook Swimsuit/Leotard on over the top to hold it in. Its so small it forces the dildo up further into her pussy, sitting on Evey's knee it pushes it in even further... She is such a exhibishionist she gets a dress on & goes out with the Dildo still inside her...

In the second scene Shay returns, still wearing the wetlook swimsuit & Dildo Pants, she is so Horny now she can't wait to get her hands on Evey & give her a good seeing to.  Evey is wearing a Gold Wetlook Thong Swimsuit which just turns on Shay even more, she feels up her Boobs, bum but can't wait to get her hands on Evey's shaved clit.  Evey reveals a Strap On Dildo & Shay can't wait to strap it on & Fuck Evey senseless... Shay puts on the Strap On over the top of the wetlook swimsuit she is wearing & over the top of the Internal Dildo she is still wearing... She lays Evey on her back & starts to insert herself into Evey's dripping wet pussy. Watch as each time she slides into Evey's tight pussy the Dildo pushes her dildo further into her pussy...  After a few moments Shay wants Evey on top & sits on a chair so Evey can ride the strap on from the front & Behind. As they both get more & more excited their pussy juices are flowing & so do their cries, wanting it harder, faster & deeper. Evey ends with a very loud & wet Orgasm... She lifts herself off Shay & shay stands & strips to reveal the Dildo Pants.... She is very very wet by the time she removes the Internal Dildo, See how wet it is... Pussy Juice... mmm

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