DPV15 - Shay Returns

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Shay Hendrix returns to Dildopantvideos this month to have more Dildo Pant Action! In this extended release She teases us in a hotel room, In Public & at home, slipping on a pair of Dildo Panties, Skating Dresses, Swimsuits, Pantyhose, Spandex Jeans & much more...

The video starts with Shay naked in our hotel room... (What a great thing to start with :-) ) She gets out a pair of Dildo Pants & slowly lubes them up in front of us. Its a tight fit for the big 6" cock, but shay slowly pushes it in deep & pulls up the panties. Its next time for a tease with a Black Spandex Skating dress (Especially for one of her DP Fans), bending over & playing with herself whilst wearing the DP & Skating outfit. Its then time for a sexy striptease, quick play with the Dildo & then into putting on a sexy Blue Speedo Swimsuit. This covers up & holds in the Dildo Nicely, making sure its pushed deep inside her wet pussy. Next some very Shiny Pantyhose are put on over the DP & Swimsuit, Shay loves silky shiny Pantyhose & this really starts to turn her on. Finally Shay puts a pair of Jeans & a jacket on (Open) over the top of the Pantyhose, Swimsuit & DP...

Shay is really into pushing boundaries, so we walk out of the Hotel & into her car (Still wearing the DP, Swimsuit & Pantyhose) and go for a little drive... The Dildo is making Shay really wet as she drives... We find a spot next to a Factory where we can see some guys working & stop.... Shay gets out & starts stripping off her clothes, she removes the Jeans & the top & is just wearing the Swimsuit Pantyhose & DP... Can the factory guys see her? What do they think?... Playing with herself & the Dildo through the pantyhose & Swimsuit in Public... What a Girl! She then puts on a pair of Spandex Disco Jeans & gives up a nice little show before we get back in her car & Drive back to the hotel for the final striptease.... Off comes the Jeans, Pantyhose & Swimsuit... Then Shay slowly reveals the dripping wet 6inch Dildo she has had inside her.... Tasty ;-)

In the second scene Shay is up for Trying the Black Latex Dildo Leotard... Its still got a 6" cock but is a lot tighter & harder to get on. Shay starts clothed but with a surprise underneath... A blue Speedo Swimsuit, she teases & plays with us before doing a sexy striptease. She gets out the Dldo Swimsuit & lubes up the Dildo on camera. Slowly putting it in, watch her face as she does it as you can see she is enjoying us watch! She wants to decide which feels best... Latex Leotard or Wetlook Leotard.. She teases as she bends & stretches with the Dildo deep inside her, removing the leotard half way through & playing with herself throughout. At the end of the scene she removes the Dildo Leotard & makes herself cum with the 6" Black Cock.

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